Sanctuaries of

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An immersive listening journey
into one of
the quietest places
in North America

Virtual Reality

This virtual reality/360 film takes you on an immersive journey with acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton in the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State, one of the quietest places in North America.

For the past 35 years, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton has been documenting the sounds of the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the most ecologically diverse environments in the United States. Its many species include Pacific tree frogs, Roosevelt elk, northern spotted owls, the red-breasted nuthatch and Pacific wrens. Hempton, who believes that silence is on the verge of extinction, describes the value and power of silence in his own life and explores the impacts of noise pollution on humans and the natural world.

Silence isn't the absence of something but the presence of everything.

Gordon Hempton
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