About Us

We Believe in the Power of Stories

Welcome to the Global Oneness Project. We believe that stories play a powerful role in education. Founded in 2006 as an initiative of Kalliopeia Foundation, we aim to plant seeds of empathy, resilience, and a sacred relationship to our planet. Using stories as a pedagogical tool for growing minds, we bring the world’s cultures alive in the classroom. Committed to the exploration of cultural, environmental, and social issues, we offer a rich library of multimedia stories comprised of award-winning films, photo essays, and essays. Companion curriculum and discussion guides are also available.

We aim to connect, through stories, the local human experience to global meta-level issues, such as climate change, water scarcity, food insecurity, poverty, endangered cultures, migration, and sustainability. Through featuring individuals and communities impacted by these issues, the stories and lessons provide opportunities to examine universal themes including identity, diversity, hope, resilience, imagination, adversity, empathy, love, responsibility, and our common humanity. Our lessons facilitate the development of students' critical thinking, inquiry, empathy, and listening skills and contain an interdisciplinary approach to learning. The curriculum resources are available in both English and Spanish and are aligned to National and Common Core Standards.

All of our resources are available for free with no ads or subscriptions.

The Global Oneness Project’s films and lessons have been featured on National Geographic, PBS, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, TED Ed, and the Smithsonian, among others. Our educational resources are being used in diverse settings, from public to independent schools, nationally and globally.

We are located on the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok people of present-day Marin County. 

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Our Team

Cleary Vaughan-Lee
Executive Director
Cleary is the executive director of the Global Oneness Project. She is particularly interested in integrating a humanistic lens with universal values into educational content, asking local to global questions about culture and the living world. Cleary documents ways digital storytelling can be used in the classroom, highlighting teacher and student voices for publications. She conducts teacher and student workshops across the country and presents at regional, national, and international conferences. Email Cleary or find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sara Dorman
Educational Program Coordinator
Sara is the Educational Program Coordinator for the Project. She earned a degree in Gender Studies at UC Berkeley. She has worked as a freelance photographer for the past several years and believes in the power of visual storytelling to challenge perspective, especially around the issues of women's rights, social justice, and humanity's relationship to the Earth. Her other passions include feminist science fiction and playing dragons with her eight-year-old daughter. Email Sara or find her on Twitter.

Aaron Klump
Senior Website Developer
Aaron has been serving as Senior Website Developer for the Global Oneness Project since 2009, and has been programming computers since grade school. After earning a music degree in 1999, he found himself drawn back into the emerging “web” technologies. He has built hundreds of websites across many industries and specializes in highly custom work. He continues to study the always-changing methods of the web and still finds it interesting. Aaron grew up in and lives in Washington State. Find more of Aaron’s work on Github.com or at aaronklump.com.


These five shorts films follows five Native American communities who are restoring their traditional land management practices.