Exploring Indigenous Language Vitality with Google Earth

A global lesson plan in collaboration with Google Earth’s tour Celebrating Indigenous Languages.

Earthrise Discussion Guide

Inspire inquiry and reflection with the free Earthrise Discussion Guide.


The guide uses the metaphor of the hero's journey for analyzing the three characters portrayed in the film and offers ideas for facilitating class discussions, reflective exercises, and action projects.

Living Oneness

Together with our DVDs, this study guide is a valuable tool for individuals, study groups, educators, and anyone inspired to better understand a way of being in the world that is ultimately about service and stewardship.

Download a free iBook version from the iTunes store.

Go Project Films Living Library Volume One

This guide is intended to provide opportunities for deeper engagement with the themes raised in Go Project Films Living Library Vol 1. Discussion questions are provided to relate to the films' main themes.

A Thousand Suns

This guide provides opportunities for deeper engagement with the themes explored in the film A Thousand Suns. An in-depth background on the Game Highlands of Ethiopia is included with discussion questions and action ideas to support sustainable agriculture.

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