Counter Mapping

A traditional Zuni elder in New Mexico works with artists to create maps based on ceremony, song, and connection to the land.


Three individuals united by their deep connection with nature are driven to confront some of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time.

Into the Middle of Nowhere

Learn how an outdoor school in Fife, Scotland encourages students to learn through play and exploration in the woods. 

El Silbo

Residents of La Gomera, an island off of Morocco’s Atlantic coast, keep their traditional whistling language alive.

The Hunt

A Native chef works with Indigenous foodways to promote processes of healing and recovery from historical trauma.

The Church Forests of Ethiopia

Orthodox Churches for centuries have safeguarded pockets of primary forest and are now working to preserve Ethiopia’s shrinking biodiversity.

The Canoe Maker

Master carver Joe Martin, one of the few traditional craftsmen left, makes dugout canoes used by his people, the Pacific Northwest Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations.


Earthrise tells the story of the first image captured of the Earth from space in 1968.

Virtual Reality
Sanctuaries of Silence

This film takes you on an immersive journey with acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton into the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the quietest places in North America.

The Medicine Man

A traditional curandero, or medicine man, in Northern Peru uses his extensive knowledge of native plants to treat various maladies.

Water Flows Together

Colleen Cooley, a Navajo river guide, reflects on the importance of acknowledging Indigenous land in outdoor recreation.

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