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Nurturing the Heart of Democracy

Length: 104 min.
Place: United States

In this webinar held on October 28, 2020, educators Parker J. Palmer and Rabbi Dr. Ariel Burger explore questions and themes which center on nurturing the heart of democracy. No matter the outcome of the upcoming election in the U.S., says Parker, we’re going to need to keep working on restoring democracy’s health for a very long time. Drawing from the wisdom of Parker and Ariel, as well as visionaries including Elie Wiesel, John Lewis, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we consider the values of generosity, resilience, empathy, community, an appreciation of “otherness,” and leadership in action. How might we teach democracy in our classrooms? Find a full list of resources, including books, articles, curricula, as well as a poem from Ariel mentioned during the webinar in this Google Doc

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