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The Art of Weaving

Length: 11 min.

The Art of Weaving is a glimpse into the life and work of Jessica Green, an innovative weaver and homesteader who lives in the Sandy Mush Community of Western North Carolina. This region of Appalachia is known for its deeply rooted traditions of weaving and artisanship. Green’s traditional weaving patterns—also known as ‘recipes’— take inspiration from the designs of Colonial American coverlets. Green aims to “deconstruct and reinvent to discover a craft that feels like my own retelling of the past.” Carrying forward a mostly women’s tradition of craftsmanship, Green takes pride in being a part of a nationwide resurgence of local artisan weavers. In the face of overwhelming economic pressure from corporate mass producers, Green is working “to bring a threadbare history back into consideration.” “Being a weaver and a homesteader,” Green says, “is a lifestyle that’s based both in remembering and trailblazing.” 

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