Image Analysis Activity

Use the Visible Thinking Routine “See, Think, Wonder” from Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  1. Organize students into pairs or small groups.

  2. Ask students to select an image from the student gallery.

  3. Ask students to respond and discuss the following questions, a Visible Thinking Routine from Project Zero:

    • What do you see?
    • What do you think about that?
    • What does it make you wonder?
  4. Read the photographer’s statement and photo caption. Did your perspective shift after learning more about the photographer and image? If so, how?

Tip: We recommend viewing and analyzing the photograph first without reading the caption or photographer’s statement. This allows students to share their perspectives.

To learn more information about the thinking routine "See, Think, Wonder" including the purpose, application, and tips for use in the classroom, visit Project Zero