My Enemy, My Brother

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My Enemy, My Brother is a real life story about two former enemies, Zahed and Najah, who fought in the Iran-Iraq War and later became blood brothers for life. Twenty-five years after one saves the other’s life on the battlefield, they meet again by chance in Canada.

Zahed Haftlang was a 13-year-old Iranian boy who ran away from home to join the army. Najah Aboud was a 19-year-old who had been conscripted to fight in the war, leaving behind his wife and son. While both men were fighting in the pivotal Battle of Khorramshahr, Zahed was ordered to go through the Iraqi bunkers and it was there he found Najah under rocks and barely alive. Zahed searched through his pockets and pulled out a small copy of the Quran, which had a photo of a young woman and child. He suddenly saw that this man was not his enemy. He decided to risk his own life and save him.

This emotional story of Najah and Zahed is a surprising affirmation that our common humanity can reach across political and religious borders.

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