New Collection: Breaking Down Stereotypes

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One book I consult often is Gaston Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space.” He explores the meaning of how we experience intimate places, including the metaphorical significance of an attic versus a basement, drawers, and walls. About walls, he writes, “…we shall see the imagination build ‘walls’ of impalpable shadows, comfort itself with the illusion of protection—or, just the contrary tremble behind thick walls, mistrust the staunchest ramparts.”

The symbol of a wall might be an internal state separating and protecting us from others as well as ourselves. Breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions begins with one's own state of mind. How can we see beyond internal walls, our own preconceptions, and allow ourselves to care about people and places beyond our immediate environments?

We've created a new collection—Breaking Down Stereotypes—containing 10 lesson plans. Each lesson is a companion to a story which explores perspectives from individuals representing various identities, nationalities, and faiths.

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