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I keep a library of children's books, ones that I read to my children years ago. Some favorites include Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, and The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. These stories and their timeless messages of beauty, perseverance, and humility provide ever-lasting memories and plant a seed to live with moral values.

A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World is another favorite. Published with the support of UNICEF, the book features children around the world, highlighting their identities, education, family, community, work, and hardships, like living with war. The aim is to show that although each child seems different they share one goal; they want to lead a good life. When students witness their peers from diverse geographies, valuable connections are made which support the appreciation and respect for cultural diversity.

We've created a new collection—Global Youth Perspectives—containing 7 stories and lessons. Each story captures youth from preschool to teenage years in multiple countries and includes their hopes, amongst challenges, in a changing world. Do you think there is value in observing how youth live around the world?

Learn how you can create your own collection. And, as always, we'd love to hear from you.

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